What’s A Brand? How To Create A Visual Identity

With millions of people online fighting for your attention, a negative first impression can be difficult to overcome. Within 0.1 seconds of seeing a face in a photograph, people generate judgments about the person’s likeability, trustworthiness, competency and attractiveness. What impression will customers have of your brand in the first 0.1 seconds of seeing it? […]

What does a UX designer do?

As a UX (User Experience) designer, you’ll have the opportunity to work with a wide range of clients, from startups to Fortune 500 companies. In the meantime, what is a UX designer truly responsible for? In this role, they represent the interests of the user. When you can’t figure out how to utilise a product […]

What exactly is UI/UX design?

Web and mobile app design, UI and UX, are two of the most frequently misunderstood terms. It’s easy to see why. As a result, they’re often referred to as UI/UX design, which appears to refer to the same thing on the surface. When describing the two, it might be difficult to avoid using too much […]